Gotu Kola

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Centella asiatica, Hydrocotyle asiatica             z. 9 – 11.  (not hardy outside)


Incredible medicinal herb: used for centuries throughout India and Southeast Asia. Said to have remarkable rejuvenating qualities, especially to the brain and to the nervous system. In the common cultural folklore of the Orient, it is said that eating 3 to 4 fresh leaves a day can revitalize the cells of the brain and noticeably increase one’s energy and sense of well-being. This is truly brain food! We have been growing and using Gotu Kola for over 20 years and are still as excited about it now as when we began. Trendy chefs are discovering that Gotu Kola makes a wonderfully mild, tasty and healthful pesto.

Gotu Kola needs warmth, moisture and humidity to thrive. We grow our plants in an unheated cold-frame where they go into a deep dormancy in December and then wake back up in April. From then on they grow rapidly, spreading by stolons like a strawberry plant, to cover an area as a 6″ tall groundcover. Not hardy enough here on the coast to survive outside, we suggest you plant this herb in a long window box and grow it year-round inside the house on a windowsill.

All Ground Covers are 4″ -square pot size.