Corsican Mint




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Mentha requienii              z. 7 – 9     ht. 1/2″.
Corsican Mint is a wonderful, tiny green mat-producing groundcover with equally tiny lavender-blue flowers in summer. The best part, though, is the absolutely heavenly pennyroyal fragrance of this diminutive mint that is released when it is walked on or brushed. This has quickly become our favourite groundcover for walkways and patio edges, where it will slowly spread around flagstones or pavers. Plant as a lawn substitute! It can handle a certain amount of foot traffic.

Evergreen in warmer, protected areas; it may go dormant mid-winter in colder areas. As it is a true mint, it prefers a moist soil. Unlike other mints, though, this one stays uncharacteristically mild-mannered and non-invasive. Corsican Mint takes a bit of finessing to get established in your yard, but is very worth the effort.

This plant is used as the flavouring in Creme de Menthe. Less known, is that it is one of the best companion plants to any of the brassica family (cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli), repelling pests and enhancing their flavour.

All Ground Covers are 4″ -square pot size.