We are a small family-run nursery on the British Columbia coast with a huge passion for growing hardy fig trees.

How can you not be passionate about the fig? Bold, exotic-tasting, lusciously sweet figs grow on shapely trees with beautiful, lustrous subtropical-looking leaves. Many people new to the west coast are surprised that the fig tree does so well here. *Please see update below about our fig tree availability.*

If you have a sunny and reasonably warm and sheltered spot in your yard try growing one of our hardy fig trees. Fig trees are drought tolerant, pest-free, low maintenance and easy to grow. An added benefit is that you don’t have to wait for years to start getting fruit. Fig trees are fast growing, and with decent growing conditions, your tree can often start producing tasty figs the first year or two after you have planted them.

You don’t live on the cushy west coast? Fig trees grow and fruit beautifully in containers. This means you can grow fig trees pretty much anywhere in Canada by bringing the containers into a dark, cool or cold but frost-free place for the winter! We grow well over 160 varieties of hardy fig trees, each with their own delicious flavour and texture. We will be offering more and more of these varieties each year on our website. Sorry, but we do not ship our trees to the US or anywhere outside Canada! 

We are a permaculture – inspired nursery and offer many other very interesting and rare trees to add to your yard, such as Italian Stone Pine – think Pine Nuts!, Japanese Raisin Tree, Yellow Horn Nut, White Jasmine, Gingko and Goji Berry, to name a few; as well as our ever-popular ‘Bocking 14’ Comfrey plants that no self-respecting gardener should be without. Every plant that we sell is carefully grown on our BC farm!

You can order and securely pay for these trees on-line through our PayPal Shopping Cart using a credit card. You don’t need to have a PayPal account. We ship our trees throughout Canada, only. (Sorry, not to the U.S.!) We ship year-round for those of you on the West Coast, and in Spring, Summer and Fall for the rest of Canada.

Have a look at our Catalogue of plants and join in on the passion. Just click on the ‘Our Plants’ menu button at the top of the page to get started.

Permaculture gardening is a great and ecological way to create a year-round feast on your property. Please consider using this approach if it is new to you. There is a very profound and primal joy to eating perfectly ripe fruit, nuts and berries from trees you have planted on your own property and eating fresh veggies and herbs from your garden. In fact, we think that if everyone started to do this our world would be much improved. When folks ask us what Permaculture is, we simply say: “Make where you live a Paradise!”

***Due to unprecedented demand, we are out (April, 2021) of most of our listed fig varieties but we should have most back in stock by July of 2021.  ** Please Note! We have a number of delicious fig varieties that are not in our website, but are available by email: Italian Black, Black Jack, Petite Negri, Paradiso, LSU Gold, Flanders, Nazareth, Armenian, LSU Everbearing, Celeste, Ronde de Bordeaux, Early Violet and Bayernfeige Violetta.** Go to our Contact Us page to inquire.***

Have a look at the exquisite White Jasmine, Ginkgo biloba, and the Italian Stone Pine – this is the pine that produces large, sweet & delicious pine nuts in as little as 5 years! Thank you, everyone, for your kind patronage, we do appreciate it! Every year it seems to get busier and we have been working hard to keep up with you all. We enjoyed the recent mention in the Vancouver Sun by renowned BC garden writer and CBC radio host Brian Minter. We were honoured to be on his radar. Green Blessings to you all!