Figs For Life is closing.

After much reflection, we are making the unavoidable decision to close our Figs For Life mail-order business and retire. Since we are generally out of everything right now, the time seems right to close. After a decade and a half of what started out as basically a hobby gone crazy, this business has grown with a life of its’ own. We fondly look back at the years of interacting with all of you with joy and pleasure. Such an earnest and beautiful group; you have made a huge impact on us. Gardeners really are some of the best people on Earth!

So effective of April 23rd, 2021 we are permanently closing our Figs For Life online business. We thank you for your many years of patronage.

To you young committed permaculture gardeners, who live out in the boonies (as we do), consider starting your own online business to follow your passion.

To everyone, we wish you a safe, healthy and happy future – one we hope that includes planting many trees and healing our Mother Earth!