Thornless Honey Locust


Price: $20  CAD


Gleditsia triacanthos v. inermis

z. 3 – 9    ht. 30′ – 60′

Thornless Honey Locust is another very worthy Permaculture tree, putting nitrogen into the soil where it grows. It makes a very adaptable and drought tolerant windbreak. It is an animal fodder tree, the high-protein seed pods are good for livestock. The tree makes excellent, rot-resistant fence posts. The tree has the ability to grow near Walnut trees and thus can be used as a buffer between them and other plantings. The young seed pods are sweet and edible, and the young seeds can also be eaten – tasting like peas.

The tree makes a stunning and beautiful shade tree in its’ own right and can be underplanted very successfully. Perhaps most remarkably, the tree can be coppiced (cut near the base) every 5 or 6 years and the cut wood makes fantastic high-BTU firewood. Imagine … a tree that can be cut for high quality firewood sustainably and indefinitely!

Thornless Honey Locust is an elegant, fast growing, very cold-hardy and easy-to-grow tree.


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