Negronne Fig


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z. 7 – 10    aka  – Violette de Bordeaux

Negronne is said by some to be the best flavoured fig of them all. Small to medium-sized, purplish-black figs have a stunning dark-red interior. Flavour is sweet, fine-grained and very rich – one of our favourites. We have found Negronne to be fairly hardy and productive for us on Denman Island. The tree grows naturally small, making it ideal as a container tree. If you have unused space in your cold frame or greenhouse, try this fig, as the extra heat creates the extra sweetness in the fig.

If growing this tree in the ground on the West Coast, we recommend that you plant this tree in a sunny and protected spot; then mulch fairly heavily around its’ base. Finally, protect it with a burlap wrap in mid-winter for the first few years.

All Fig Trees are large 1-gallon size plants.


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