White Jasmine


Jasminum officinale

z. 6 – 10 ht. 10′ or more

Elegant and somewhat hardy, White Jasmine produces loads of pure white flowers with the legendary exquisite fragrance that will surely lift your spirit on a warm summer day or evening. Almost Heaven! Although it can be pruned as a standard (self-standing shrub), it is usually trellised as a vine to grow up the sunny side of your house or wall. Plant near your bedroom window for a summer treat. Occasionally, White Jasmine will die back in winter but will grow back vigorously from the root zone as if nothing happened. The warmer, the sunnier and the more protected the planting spot is, the happier a Jasmine will be. White Jasmine blooms mid-summer and continues blooming on and off until October.

All permaculture plants are 1-gal. size plants.

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