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Gooseberry ‘Hinnonmaki Red’


z. 3 – 8 ht. 3′ – 5′

‘Hinnonmaki Red’ Gooseberry is a superb, new-generation gooseberry from Finland. The very cold-hardy, disease-resistant shrub produces high yields of amazingly rich-flavoured, sweet and large, dark maroon-coloured gooseberries. These are not your grandmother’s gooseberries! ‘Hinnonmaki’ Gooseberry has the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity.

Gooseberries can grow in shadier spots than most fruits, and still yield well. Permaculturists plant these on the drip-line of a larger fruit tree to significantly increase one’s fruit production from a single garden spot. Now… if you plant Alpine Strawberries around the base of your Gooseberries, you have increased your fruit production even more – three different fruits growing where there is usually only one!

All Permaculture Plants are 1-gallon sized plants.

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