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Black Mission Fig


aka – Franciscana

z. 7 – 10

Black Mission is the classic California supermarket fig and is the taste standard for figs. Rich, sweet flavour – a high quality fig. Figs are a large, beautiful purplish-black and have a light strawberry flesh. Productive ‘Breba’ (first) crop. Tree is long-lived. Although it is said to be slightly less hardy than Desert King and Brown Turkey, it has performed beautifully for us here on Denman Island. This fig was introduced to North America in 1768 by Franciscan missionaries who planted the first tree at their Mission in San Diego, California.

If growing this tree in the ground on the West Coast, we recommend that you plant this tree in a protected spot. Then mulch fairly heavily around its’ base and finally protect it with a burlap wrap in mid-winter for the first few years.

All Fig Trees are large 1 – gallon size plants.

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