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Beall Fig


aka: Green Ischia, Strawberry Verte,

z. 7 – 10

A proven and worthy variety for the west coast, Verte has great tasting, high quality figs. This variety is excellent for short summer climates. The ripe figs are said to be less attractive to birds because of their green colour. Tree stays a little smaller than other varieties and is a good candidate for growing in a container. Verte is a good choice, also, for Eastern Canadians who would like to grow a fig tree in a container (and bring it inside for the winter). An ancient variety, originally from Spain.

If growing this tree in the ground on the West Coast, we recommend that you plant this tree in a sunny and protected spot. Then mulch fairly heavily around its’ base and finally protect it with a burlap wrap in mid-Winter for the first few years.

All Fig Trees are large 1-gallon size plants.

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