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Atreano Fig


z. 7 – 10

Atreano is a very delicious and very beautiful large green fig with a golden-rose interior. The fig has an extra sweet and luscious, melting ‘figgy’ taste. The chewy flavour is very satisfying. Although Atreano is considered a short-season fig good for the Pacific Northwest, it would prefer a very warm and sheltered spot on the West Coast or better yet, a cold-frame to bring out its fullest flavour. Naturally dwarfing, this tree would be excellent for growing in a container; an excellent choice for Eastern Canadians (containerized and brought in for the winter). This variety comes from the Napoli area of Italy. Highly rated!

If growing this tree in the ground on the West Coast, we recommend that you plant this tree in a very warm, sunny and protected spot. Then mulch fairly heavily around its’ base and finally protect it with a burlap wrap in mid-Winter for the first few years.

All Fig Trees are large 1-gallon size plants.

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