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Alpine Strawberry – ‘Ruegen’


Fragaria vesca ‘Ruegen’

z. 5 – 8 ht. 6″ – 10″

Wonderful hardy alpine strawberry variety with sweet, intensely rich berries – twice the size of wild alpine strawberries, and twice the flavour of supermarket strawberries. Berries grow on compact, runnerless plants that will slowly spread to create a patch as seeds from unpicked berries germinate and become plants. Very productive with a long season; plants bear from June until frost. Can be grown indoors in direct sun or in a cold-frame for an extended season. Permaculturists grow these around the base of fruit and nut trees to choke out weeds and to add to the food production of an area at the same time. Mulch your garden with alpine strawberries! Highly recommended.

All Permaculture Plants are 1-gallon sized plants.

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