Our Permaculture Plants

We are pleased to offer a variety of rare and unusual permaculture – inspired trees and plants. These trees will create a natural bounty in your yard.

Nut trees – natures’ protein trees – will produce loads of nuts for decades with little effort after they have been planted.

Our fruit trees will also bear year after year with very low maintenance. If you live within gardening zone 7 – 10, we especially recommend trying the Black Mulberry tree. Black Mulberry has an exquisite taste and is very healthy and nutritious. These long lived trees will likely be producing large and luscious black mulberries for the next hundred years.

Honey Locust. If you have an acreage or large yard and heat with wood, why not try planting a group of very hardy and beautiful, thornless Honey Locust trees. They make stunning high-value firewood and can be coppiced (cut down near the base), and allowed to regrow every 4 or 5 years to produce firewood that is self-sustaining for decades, if not for longer. Honey Locust is a nitrogen fixer and improves the soil around itself.

Fragrant Vines. Having White Jasmine and Honeysuckle blooming in your yard will improve your quality of life!

We will be offering more types of these plants every year. Please check back with us.

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