Emerald Voices – Music of the Trees U1 device with red cedar -resized 1

We are thrilled to announce that we are the Canadian distributor of the ‘Music of the Plants’ U1 device. Part bio-feedback machine and part synthesizer, the 2 electrodes of this sensitive device (one placed in the root zone of the plant and one placed on a leaf of the plant) pick up the inner impulses of the plants and trees and translate this into wondrous music. What is truly remarkable is that the plants or trees become self-aware of the music that they are playing and they create music that becomes ever more ‘full’ and more harmonious over time.

There is plenty of information about these electronic devices at our website www.emeraldvoices.ca

It is our hope that this device will reawaken the sense that we are all a part of nature and that plants and trees are our fellow beings.



Here are some videos of our Figs For Life nursery, and our plants!